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#24032 - 05/25/10 10:56 AM Mod 10 calculation..How to do?
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I am trying to accomplish the following - Can I??

The font type = OCR-A
Font Size = 10 pitch

Start Length Description Additional Info

1 4 Prop Number Property Number = 9002
5 4 Tenant Acct#
9 6 Payment Amount = 030000
15 1 Check Digit MOD 10 Calculation
based on positions 1-14

#24033 - 05/25/10 11:26 AM Re: Mod 10 calculation..How to do?
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PSM does not natively supports mod10 checksum. If you had version 6 or 7, you could always code a javascript macro to do it, but that would be out of scope of a support issue(we do not provide support for javascript macros). You can still see some examples by searching for "macro" in the PSM v6 forums, there are a few examples.

In v5, however, there is no ways to implement the logic.


#54196 - 11/12/16 02:13 AM Re: Mod 10 calculation..How to do? [Re: DAT01]
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Calculates digit sequence checksum using Luhn algorithm (mod 10), calculates validation digit (the digit to be appended to the digit sequence to make whole ..

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