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#54517 - 02/03/17 02:47 PM Repetition Issues...
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We are new to the PrintShop Mail software but are giving it a try. My question lies in regard to the imposition on a final layout.

We have a 9x5 card that is printed 4-UP on 12x18 sheets. There will be data pulled for coupons to be printed on each card with barcodes. The challenge is that due to the gutters ( 1/2 inch on top and bottom) the repetition will not be a 1-1 process.
Meaning the top 2 cards will have the same position of the barcode within the layout but when the barcode is repeated on the bottom 2 cards they end up in the gutter...

Can I shift the barcode for cards 3 & 4 in the printing process? Is there a way to set up two different layouts and combine them onto one sheet in the printing process? and would I be able to have the correct information pull to each layout so I don't have any duplicates?
or I am approaching the situation from the wrong angle? Any suggestions please!

#54519 - 02/03/17 03:33 PM Re: Repetition Issues... [Re: InnovativePrint]
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Set-up 1 layout that has 2 barcodes on it. On for the top (1,2) and one for the bottom (3,4).

Right-click on the top barcode select "Edit Expression..." .

There you can define the expression the way you want it.

IF(MOD(RECORD_NR(),2) = 1, [Dino Andereggen], "")

That will show the barcode only when it is a odd record number.

See the helps (F1) for more infos on the commands available.