I have strange issue with executing Shell.Application command through RunScript in Service mode. Here is code that i use in order to send pdf file to printer:

Set shl = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
'send all files to printer
for i = 0 to Ubound(filesName)-1
shl.ShellExecute filesName(i), "", "", "print", 0

Basicly what should happend, given file should be sended to default printer and it works well in debug mode, but when i try to run it through services, command doesn't work. There is no error, command is executing but nothing happened (while running via services, in debug mode command works and document is send to printer correctly). I am sure that this solution should work via services because on one computer in our company it works fine while running job via services, but it doesn't on others. I was trying to run that as administrator, checked services account settings but nothing helped. Both accounts (this where solution works and this where it doesn't) have these same permissions in AD, i suppose that maybe there are some rules regarding to permission to services locally set but can't find what exactly that could be.

I was trying use another command (for ex open notepad shl.ShellExecute "notepad.exe", "", "", "open", 1 and results are these same, works fine in debug mode, but don't via services). I was trying to use "External Program" plugin and execute external vbscript file with that code but these same issue.

Have you ever had similar issue with CreateObject("Shell.Application") object runned in services mode?

Planet Press version is:
OS: Windows 7 Professionall

I will be very gratefull for help.