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#54921 - 05/10/17 03:48 PM Getting and Setting Watch variables via AWK
Jim Dornbos Offline
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I see and appreciate that you've added support for python. It leaves me wondering how much work is required to support other languages used for text processing, such as gnuAWK? Is that a trivial addition or is significant work required? I don't see many folks using AWK these days - so it's a pretty isolated request - worth it only if trivial effort is required.


#54924 - 05/10/17 04:35 PM Re: Getting and Setting Watch variables via AWK [Re: Jim Dornbos]
Philippe F. Offline
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Only the 4 listed ActiveScript engines are supported, only two of which - JS & VBS - are natively available in Windows, while the other two (Pyton & Perl) must be downloaded and installed separately.

I'm not even sure there are any other languages out there that provide ActiveScript support (ActiveScript being a type of engine that can be instanciated by the Windows Scripting Host, which is what Workflow uses).

So beyond the current engines, yes, adding another one would probably represent a vast amount of work. Especially if it's for AWK... which I had to Google to refresh my memory because it's been a such loooooooong while since I've heard a reference to that language! :P
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