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#55177 - 08/17/17 10:16 AM Multiple Developers...on Production Server...
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Seeking advice and ideas...

Three production development server...I'd like your feedback about how to manage access and safeguard changes and installs, etc.

#55178 - 08/17/17 10:55 AM Re: Multiple Developers...on Production Server... [Re: Wolfgang]
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Each Developer may install and run his own Designer and save his templates in an individual folder, so having his work separated. Regarding the Workflow there's just the possibility to backup the Workflow configuration file each time before doing any modifications (and agree upon a clear naming convention and documentation of that file to know what Workflow state each backup file is about).
There's no sort of version control coming with PlanetPress, so it's completely up to the users to manage that.

#55179 - 08/17/17 11:13 AM Re: Multiple Developers...on Production Server... [Re: Wolfgang]
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Hi Wolfgang,

Only one of the developpers should be responsible for putting the Workflow processes together, and pushing the Workflow config live. Otherwise, since there can only be one configuration active at a time, it is too easy for one dev to overwrite another's work. Besides, unlike Design, you can only have one Workflow per license.

The other two devs can work on producing the PlanetPress documents, since they can both have Design on their machine.

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