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#55846 - 04/04/18 01:35 PM Folder capture question
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I have many files in one folder. Is it possible to capture 1 file every 5 minutes because I have this problem: When I capture all of the files at the same time, some files are missing and some files have 0 kb

#55849 - 04/05/18 06:58 AM Re: Folder capture question [Re: sygui]
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By default, a 0-byte file is not captured by the Folder Capture task unless you tick the "Include empty files" option... which you really shouldn't because a 0-byte file usually indicates that the source process that's creating the file is still in the process of writing to it.

Furthermore, a file that is currently being written to cannot be captured by the task because the file is locked in "writing" mode and the task will ignore it until its next scheduled execution.

If a file is 0-byte AND it is not locked, it may be because the source process that's creating the file is opening/closing the file each time it appends to it, thereby making it available for capture on every new writing cycle. This type of behaviour, though unfortunate, is common with FTP clients.

There is no way to tell if a file is being written to in chunks as described above. Even if you change the schedule of your process to run only every 5 minutes, you will never be able to tell if any new file has really finished being written to.

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