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#55918 - 04/24/18 08:29 PM Printer queue output vs windows driver
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Hi there. I have been using planet press for 7 years now. I had an issue this past Friday where my config file became corrupted after a reboot. I had a backup config from December, which for some reason was also corrupt. The network team that is charge of backups somehow had a problem and it hasn't been backing up my server so the closet backup I had was one I just happen to save on a different server (32 byte and we have now upgraded to 64 byte which I think is also causing me printer problems.) This copy is from March of 2017 so basically I have lost 13 months of work. :-( I have made alot of tweaks that I can't remember and some big changes, new processes that I am trying to rebuild. I used to use print using a windows driver but it is causing me some issues now. I think its the 32 byte/64 byte thing. Because of this, I have been told by objectiflune to use printer queue printing. I didn't use this in the past because I had issues with non post script printers. Now most of my printers are post script.... I'm having issues with using printer queue output on printers that are only PCL, not Postscript. Do any of you use it and it works? What is happening is the printer starts printing "gibberish" as my users call it. I have 4 non post script printers and they are all having issues with this. Can you share issues or successes. Any help would be appreciated.

#55920 - 04/25/18 09:36 AM Re: Printer queue output vs windows driver [Re: tbradley]
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When you use printer queue printing the output will be Postscript. If you send this to a PCL printer it will not understand it and will just treat it as text - this is the "gibberish" that your users are seeing.

To print to a non-Postscript printer you need to use Windows drivers.