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#55981 - 05/17/18 06:36 AM W3233: Error Socket # 10053
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I have a workflow that's been running for a couple of years without issue, however recently I've been receiving the message below:

W3233 : Error: Socket Error # 10053
Software caused connection abort.

W3231 : SMTP Email output failed

Send Email: W1603 : Plugin failed - 10:49:49 (elapsed time: 00:00:00:027)

-The data input file is a csv
-It's split by an emulated data splitter
-Processed via a digital action, using a PP design template, 'Use digital as new stream' all settings are standard other than a PDF open password, that's set to a field in the underlying csv file.

If I send the file to a folder it works, If I try to email the file, I get the above message. An email is sent, but the attachment is stripped.

Steps taken to remedy.

Tried re-uploading the design template - didn't work
Tried sending the attachment via outlook (e.g. sent the pp output to a folder then opened outlook and attached the file) - works

I've created a dummy workflow for test purposes and tried the following:

Emailing using Create PDF - works
Emailing using digital action - works
Emailing using digital action with static password (Not from data file, just typed into the digital action password field) - works
Emailing Using digital action using dynamic password from datafile - fails.

I am sending via smtp, we have an IIS smtp server that sends directly to our exchange server. My infrastructure team have disabled all firewalls and antivirus temporarilly to eliminate them. The only thing the mail mail logs yeild are that PP is trying to send the attachment as an 'octet stream'. when sending via outlook the atachmnet type is 'Application /ms'

PP production version

If anyone is able to point me in the right direction i'd be most grateful


#55985 - 05/17/18 10:49 AM Re: W3233: Error Socket # 10053 [Re: Si Mc]
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The first question you should ask is "what as changed since?".
Any recent Windows update?
Any change in the data? Especially where you look for your password?

Then again, it could be a corruption of the Workflow configuration file or of the Workflow Configuration program itself.

Have you try to run a repair on Workflow through the Add/Remove program of Windows?

You could also try, as a test, to set a static password in a local variable or a jobinfo and use that in DigitalAction. This way we can check if the problem is with static value in the password field VS a dynamic one, or if it is related to your data selection.

#55989 - 05/17/18 12:18 PM Re: W3233: Error Socket # 10053 [Re: Si Mc]
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Also look for any changes that have occurred on the server side, as dropped connection may be caused by mismatches between what the client (i.e. Workflow) sends and what the server (i.e. your SMTP server) expects. Server-side logs may have additional troubleshooting info as well.
Yannick Fortin, Team OL