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#56007 - 05/29/18 05:38 PM Pulling from two different page sources.
andrewsrb_care Offline
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I work in an insurance company where we need to send out booklets that have cardstock on the second page pulled. We're basically folding two letter sized pages, hoping the first page is regular Thin paper and the second is the cardstock to have a total of 8 pages in a booklet.

I'd like to know how to best tell Planet Press this is what I'd like to do. I have Drawer 5 with Thin paper and Drawer 6 with the Heavy cardstock.

I set up my document by customizing the Page sizes to 5.5 w x 8.5 h. I duplicate this page 7 times for a total of 8 pages.

Under document properties, I bring in the PPD file for a Canon 750 (EF509276.ppd) and set up the following on the before form advanced page handling:

2-sided printing = Long edge binding
Fold style = Saddle Fold
Mixed Media in use = Yes
Define record length = On
Trimming Mode=3-way trim (finishing size)
Stapler mode=Saddle Stich
Media Type=any media type
Paper Source=Drawer 5
Document Size = Letter

I've messed around with adding Paper Source = Drawer 6 to the page level on pages 3,4,5, and 6 as well as just on 6.

I also print using Optimized PostScript Stream.

On the printer downstairs where I am trying to print this, its always trying to pull from Drawer 4 which contains Statement paper. If I override it, I get everything on one type of paper.

If someone could tell me the best way to set this up I'd appreciate it.

#56009 - 05/30/18 11:52 AM Re: Pulling from two different page sources. [Re: andrewsrb_care]
Jean-Cédric Offline
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To help you properly we would need to see the Template and reproduce the issue. I suggest you open a technical support call at 1-866-348-5863 or through our website.
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#56010 - 05/30/18 02:40 PM Re: Pulling from two different page sources. [Re: andrewsrb_care]
andrewsrb_care Offline
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Registered: 05/29/18
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I have begun the process to obtain technical support from our OL Care account. Thanks for your reply.

If anyone has general suggestions on how I could set up an 8 page booklet that just pulls one type of paper in the meantime, I could start to figure out how to pull two types of paper.

Thanks for any help.