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#56044 - 06/18/18 05:57 AM Generate new Excel using workflow
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Hi all, i'm not sure if anyone ask this before, hope to get some insight from here.

Basically i have a full report(in Excel), say column A-J.

Now that i want to take certain column(eg: A,B & G only), and generate a new Excel.

May i know how feasible is this using Planet Press Workflow? Your inputs are very much welcome.

#56045 - 06/18/18 11:37 AM Re: Generate new Excel using workflow [Re: ronniever]
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Workflow cannot generate a Excel worksheet but it can generate a CSV file that can be opened by Excel. I'd say you could do it as so, presuming that your original file is a CSV file:

- Set your Workflow process emulation to CSV
- Split your CSV file per line (each line becomes a new file)
- Extract each column with a data selection from a Create File plugin.
Write it as so:
"data selection of column A","data selection of column B","data selection of column G"
- Send to a folder with fixed name and make sure that you check the option "Concatenate files" with nothing in the field "Separator string"

If it is an excel worksheet with another format, you could probably do it from a script but I will leave it to someone else to provided you with an example.

#56056 - 06/20/18 03:13 AM Re: Generate new Excel using workflow [Re: ronniever]
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if the excel file is a basic table with column names, I would try a PP Database action :
- setup my excel input file as a system datasource using the Microsoft excel odbc32 driver
- custom the sql, output to csv, end.

it could even be worthy to try to setup a second step looping over the generated csv with a database write action, still using the excel driver, in another (preallocated?) excel file.
maybe outputting in PP Database emulation format would be more sensible, for this purpose.

easier said than done, I know smile