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#56226 - 08/13/18 10:29 AM CPU / Memory / Disc always spikes to 100% always
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We are testing performance of our existing PP setup and started with basic scenario of processing 10 reports every 2 mins. What we found is that the CPU, Memory and Disc are pegged at 100% always, throughout the processing time.

Is this normal behavior that PP takes 100% of all remaining resources on a server (Like MS SQL Server does)?

This also results in Out-Of-Memory alambic errors too.

for context, our server has a quad-core processor and 16 Gig ram

Look forward to your response.


#56227 - 08/13/18 10:43 AM Re: CPU / Memory / Disc always spikes to 100% always [Re: FM Operations]
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Hi Wajeeh,

A number of elements in your job and process setup will affect what resources PlanetPress will need.

Creating output, thus triggering the Almbic.exe process in windows, will generally use all CPU or close to it. The memory usage will depend on what type of data you process, its size, and what you do with it in the workflow(amongst many other factors). For example, a 10Mb line printer text file will output thousands of pages in an output PDF while barely affecting RAM usage. Processing a 10Mb XML file could result in many hundreds of RAM usage increase, especially if you access the file in your workflow to assign dynamic values to output files for example.

If you can describe a bit more your workflow process, your form design, and your data, we might have a clearer cause for the out of memory errors, but I believe opening a technical support ticket will provide better clarity on your situation.

Also keep in mind that no matter how much RAM you have on your server, a single Almbic.exe process cannot go over 2GB of RAM usage without crashing(32bit process).

Let us know what you'd like to do with this.

Thanks. Regards,

#56228 - 08/13/18 10:54 AM Re: CPU / Memory / Disc always spikes to 100% always [Re: FM Operations]
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Go look in your Preferences in Workflow. Under Plug-in->Messenger, look at the setting you have for PlanetPress Alambic.

The Let me set how many instances to run should be checked and in your case, it should be set to 3. Now why 3?....not be cause I felt like it but because I tend to reserve a CPU for the OS (and everything else that runs on there) and one for Worklfow. What I usually do is take the number of core minus 2 times 1.5 (4 - 2)*1.5. This is not a fix calculation but it did serve me in the past. That option will prevent too many Alambic instances running at the same time, thus sucking up all the resources.

You should also set theClose inactive instance after to 1-5 minutes. That is to prevent an Alambic instance to stay open for a long period of time without doing nothing but using resources. It also help preventing instance corruption.

Hope that point you in the right direction.