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#56616 - 01/08/19 06:17 PM Proofing then Printing Advice
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I have a workflow that is made up of two processes. The proof process where a pdf is generated from text data and presented to an approving party. The second is the printing process where the same text data gets sent to a printer with lots of tray calls and and duplex selections. The problem with this workflow is the potential for the print to not match the proof if a document is changed. My thought was to generate a ps file along side of the pdf that can be delivered to the printer once the pdf is approved. The problem I'm finding is the comparative size of the ps file vs the pdf file. Am I going about this all wrong? My sample pdf file is 1.5 mb while the ps file comes in at 2.8 gb! Is this to be expected? Are there ps settings that can be adjusted? I am using the Printer Queue Output in workflow. I would just print the pdf file were it not for the heavy need for the ppd support while printing. Thanks in advance!

#57142 - 07/09/19 06:13 PM Re: Proofing then Printing Advice [Re: Longshot]
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You could go like this:

Proofing process generating the PDF to be approved:
  • Data comes in
  • Data is backup in a temp folder with a unique name
  • Data unique file name is printed in white at a specific location in the PDF
  • Current form name used is printed in white at a specific location in the PDF
  • PDF is sent for approval

Printing process of approved PDF:
  • PDF comes in
  • Form name is extracted from PDF
  • Data filename is extracted from PDF
  • Job is sent to printer using form and data names previously extracted

Of course, this is not fullproof as someone could modify the form and not save it under a new name (usually with a increment).