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#56871 - 03/21/19 11:17 AM Scaling page content
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I've got a project I'm working on, and one of the things I'm going to need to do is scale the page content.
Actually, different pages get scaled a different amount but first things first...

I found this code on here:

Seems to work just fine as far as scaling goes, but the image winds up on the lower right of the page, mostly off of the actual page. I'd need this to be centered obviously. I can't seem to see where it's doing this.

I tried to move picture to the center of the page but I can't grab it even though I've chosen to make it selectable.

#56894 - 03/28/19 04:43 PM Re: Scaling page content [Re: steveo]
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That code should work fine, I just tested it and it centers the PDF page properly.

I think the issue is with your PDF resource name. You need to specify the PPTalk name of the resource, not its "user-friendly" description (i.e. use the word that appears between brackets in your list of image resources).

So if your pdf resource shows up in the treeview as

mypdf (some_other_name)

then you should specify pdfwidth('some_other_name',1). Don't forget to do that for pdfheight() as well.
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