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#57013 - 05/09/19 03:27 PM Searching a area of a PDF data source.
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I would like to search within an area of the address of a PDF (PDF Emulation) for a the State or Canadian Provincial abbreviation code. If I find one of the Provincial codes, I would need to instruct my inserter via 2D barcode to divert the mail piece out. after looking through a lot of data samples, I see that the codes are 2 digits and there is space before and after. Also the code will not be on the first 2 lines of the address, but depending on the address, it could be on the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th line (we done have more than that).
My knowledge base with PDF's as a data source is minimal and and even less using array's. After searching through the online Self Help I an assuming that the array's maybe necessary but the BB isn't getting me to where I need to be. I will need to do this with PressTalk in Design.

Thankx confused

#57016 - 05/09/19 06:07 PM Re: Searching a area of a PDF data source. [Re: CZDRS]
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You need to use region or regionline.
regionline will return you an array of strings which you can then iterate over and conditionally search for what you need.