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#57225 - 09/18/19 05:04 PM Excel as a Database
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I'm having an issue using Excel workbooks as databases. I'm able to connect and my process runs fine in debug, but outside of debug when I input the workbook into the intake folder the workflow does not process as expected. I'm assuming I'm missing something from my workflow.

Any thoughts?

#57227 - 09/19/19 08:39 AM Re: Excel as a Database [Re: rwickham]
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You use the Database Query plugin after your Folder Capture?

If so, when you are in debug, the Excel file stays where it is while a copy is used. The copy is not what the plugin connect to but the original one as setup in the plugin.

When you run it live, the Excel file is grabbed by the Folder Capture plugin but also removed from the input folder. Therefore, when the Database Query plugin is triggered, the file is missing.

You could use the Create File plugin as your starting point, that is if your excel sheet always as the same name.

If not, then keep using the Folder Capture input, make a copy of the Excel sheet to a temp folder using the Send to Folder plugin while keeping the name of the Excel sheet in a variable that you will use further down in the Database Query plugin.