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#57240 - 10/14/19 04:56 PM Consistency Check Failed!!!
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We had PP Production Windows 7 PC that's been in service for years. Suddenly it started randomly not being able to access network shares, and then the Image service wouldn't start. Even after restoring an older version of the system.

We had a Windows 2019 Server virtual machine that we were testing and I decided to make a new PP server. Of course, I found out afterwards that Windows 2019 isn't certified, but that's another issue....

I got the software installed, copied my watch configs over, cleaned them up, tested it all last week, and it was working perfectly. No problems. I spent dozens of hours working on this to get it production ready, and by last Friday it was.

Saturday I did the final official activation and now Watch will not stay running for more than a few minutes, randomly failing with a "Consistency Check failed, shutting down" error. Bring the service back up, and it works fine, until it goes down again. There is no pattern I can discern, it'll happen on any process, even when it's sitting idle it'll happen.

Only two things happened between Friday when it was working fine and this morning:
1. Two Windows updates were installed and the server rebooted.
2. I activated the software.

I have monitoring software that checks the state of the service every 30 seconds and restarts it if it fails, so I'm limping along on that. I put in a tech support call first thing this morning, and haven't heard a thing. I've called a support number and had to leave a message with.... someone. I'm not sure, I don't speak French.

Any ideas?


#57241 - 10/15/19 09:31 AM Re: Consistency Check Failed!!! [Re: ICIPP]
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This message happens when you have two PP Production activated and running when your licensing is only allowing one.

You will need to deactivate your previous one in order for the newly activated one to work properly.

If it is because you are still running tests, then you shouldn't need for the new one to be activated for the testing phase.

Hope that helps.

#57242 - 10/15/19 09:45 AM Re: Consistency Check Failed!!! [Re: ICIPP]
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Yes, it helps very much. I disabled the PP services on the old server and I'm crossing my fingers.

I'm keeping it online in case I need to refer back to the old watch processes and forms, but it doesn't need to have the services running.

If I might say, it would be helpful if the error message was a little more specific!