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#57279 - 11/03/19 04:17 AM Replace Text in PDF
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I want edit text in a PDF file, I m using Alambic API to edit the PDF but I cannot replace the text as I am not able to find any method in Alambic API for replace function.

My script is as follows.

MyPDF.Open Watch.GetJobFileName,False
Set MyPages = MyPDF.Pages
NumberOfPages = MyPDF.Pages.Count
for i = 0 to NumberOfPages - 1
MyPages.replace "ABC","XYZ"
Set MyPages = nothing
MyPDF.Save True


#57301 - 11/11/19 08:24 AM Re: Replace Text in PDF [Re: Bashir]
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No tool included in PlanetPress Suite allows you to replace text inside a PDF. The best you can do is extract text, replacing whatever needs to be replaced, and then generate a new PDF from that data.
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