I'm doing line repeat and I added a condition which ignores any line where shipped qty is 0.

=XmlGet('/Document[1]/Page[1]/CommercialInvoice[1]/CILines[1]/CILine['+inttostr(&currentiteration)+']/ShippedQty[1]') >'0'

The condition works but the problem is the blank line will show itself in the table. I have iterations overflow count setup like this:


5 iterations will print but the extra blank causes the table to scale into other areas of the document. I selected skip empty variable paragraph but i don't think that applies here.

What i need to happen is when the condition is met the detail line does not show (which is it's behavior now) but I also need 5 lines per page to fit in the area of the document.
So how would I get rid of the blanks it produces AND compact all the table so it doesn't shift?

*** Disregard *** Figured out the vertical shift needed to be set with a negative number(with the help of Steve (support).

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