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#57359 - 12/18/19 02:18 AM Barcode Data Definition
grostahledv Offline
OL Newbie

Registered: 12/18/19
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Hello Guys,
hopefully you can help me.

I have a Document with a Barcode & under custom data selection this string is written:

"='13'+right(('0000000000' + stringreplace(trim(@(30,46,56)),'.','')),10)"

I have no clue what this string does, maybe some of you can tell me smile

Thanks !

#57361 - 12/18/19 08:40 AM Re: Barcode Data Definition [Re: grostahledv]
Jean-Cédric Offline
OL Expert

Registered: 10/03/16
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Loc: Québec, Canada
So, my guess, this is the work of someone else...right? wink

Here's how it goes:
  • trim(@(30,46,56) = removes any leading or trailing spaces in the data selection
  • stringreplace(trim(@(30,46,56)),'.','') = replace any '.' with ''
  • ('0000000000' + stringreplace(trim(@(30,46,56)),'.','') = concatenate a bunch of 0 in front of the data selection
  • right(('0000000000' + stringreplace(trim(@(30,46,56)),'.','')),10) = extract 10 character of the new string (from previous concatenation) starting from the right
  • '13'+right(('0000000000' + stringreplace(trim(@(30,46,56)),'.','')),10)" = adds the string '13' before it.

Basically it pads the data selection with 0's in front of it, to a maximum of 10 characters and adds the number 13 in front of all that.
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