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#58214 - 02/15/22 06:16 PM PlanetPress Database SQL to CSV thru VBscript
Tom@ECI Offline
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I am stuck on the script that pulls orders to be delivered and writes them to a CSV file.

1. Create File
2. PlanetPress Database pulls the data using a SQL script.
3. Change emulation to database
4. Set Job variables from SQL which can be seen the deliveries in the debug message window.
5. Branch
6. Create Metadata using a generic PDF form
7. Change Elumation to CSV (is this needed?)
8. The VBscript below to dump the results to a CSV. It creates the headers but no detail from the captured variables is written to the CSV. I "borrowed" this script from elsewhere in this form and I confess I don't understand the MetaData relationship to this.

'this script creates a CSV file containing deliveries

Option Explicit
Dim MyMeta, x, MyCSVLine, FSO, ft

Set MyMeta = CreateObject("MetaDataLib.MetaFile")

'create CSV
Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set ft = FSO.OpenTextFile("C:\Users\ddms_user\Desktop\MNFEXC.CSV",2,True)


'for all documents in group 0
For x = 1 to MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Count
'add new CSV line
MyCSVLine = MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Distribution_Center}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Route}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Delivery_}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{PO_}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Type}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Delivery_Date}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Account}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Customer_Name}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Site_Address_1}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Site_City}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Site_State}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Site_Zip}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Product_Qty}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).FieldByName("%{Product_Name}") +","+ _
MyMeta.Job.Group(0).Document(x-1).AttributeByName("SelectedIndexInJob") + ";" + _

Set FSO = Nothing
Set MyMeta = Nothing

#58215 - 02/16/22 08:27 AM Re: PlanetPress Database SQL to CSV thru VBscript [Re: Tom@ECI]
Jean-Cédric Offline
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Why don't you output the data from the database directly into CSV, which is one of the output option of the database plugin?
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#58216 - 02/16/22 09:32 AM Re: PlanetPress Database SQL to CSV thru VBscript [Re: Tom@ECI]
Tom@ECI Offline
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Registered: 04/20/10
Posts: 24
Loc: Fort Worth, Tx
Thanks, Jean-Cédric. I did not realize that was an option.