After both my client and I loaded Windows XP service pack 2, we both re-installed the latest versions of PlanetPress software, and had them re-activated.
Unfortunately, when trying to use WinFax Pro 10.0, the process would fail with 2 pop-up window errors:
error1 (in background): window title "Creating Attachment Image", message line 1 "The selected attachment is being converted into a fax image", message line 2 "C:\Program Files\PlanetPress Suite 4\PlanetPress", button labeled "Cancel".
error2 (in foreground): window title "Message Manager", message line 1 "Automatic printing of the file has failed.", message line 2 "You will need to activate the printing manually.", message line 3 "When the print is completed you will have to exit the application.", button labeled "OK".
Clicking on OK for error message 2 launches a tiff viewer, and shows the first page of the fax.
Switching to Windows fax service instead of Winfax Pro works, but the client (and I) want to determine if we'll be able to solve the Winfax Pro services.
Help? confused