Hopefully I'm missing something simple here, but I can not get faxes to go to Winfax from PlanetPress Fax.

Here is my setup:

Windows Server 2003 with up to date security patches

PlanetPress Form:
single data selection of the fax number with the PlanetPress Fax Options, Fax Number checked. This data selection is in the format of ########## (no dashes, spaces, parentheses, etc...)

Watch process:
Folder Capture (pointing to CSV file)
Fax output with the appropriate Host and Document selected.

PlanetPress Fax Config:
delete log after 60 days
Fax service WinFax Pro
Dialing format Default

WinFax program setup:
Modems and Communications Devices
Dialing Setup, Location Default
Connection Device Rightfax and pointed to the appropriate Rightfax server with the appropriate user credentials.

When I start the PPWatch service, there is an error in the event viewer. That error says:
Source: PPFax
Category: (5)
Event ID: 0
The description for event id (0) in source (PPFax) cannot be found. blah blah registry... blah blah dll...
The following information is part of the event: First try to connect to Winfax Pro failed.

If I try to send a fax, nothing shows up in Winfax Send Log or Outbox, but my CSV file does disappear.

Thanks for any help in tracking down this issue...

BJ Lillo