I have a document with the emulation set to Line Printer and I have Pages in Buffer set to 4 (I'm do a 4-up document). I created a Barcode object of type Postnet. I opened it up and its data selection defaulted to On Line 1, From Column 1, To Column 1. I changed "To Column" value to 12 so that it we be On Line 1, From Column 1, To Column 12. So far, so good. Next I made 3 copies of the above mentioned Barcode object. Then I opened the first one and tried to change its "On Line" value to 13. I noticed in the Data Pane it selected ever line between 1 and 13. Despite this, I clicked OK. My Barcode object got REALLY long so I re-opened it to check the data source and it was set back to "On Line"=1, even though I had just changed it to 13. I tried the same thing on the other two barcode objects whos "On Line" values needed to be set to 25 and 37 respectively and it did the same thing.