I have examples of Ppress.exe crashing and losing any unsaved form changes. To reproduce -
Start PPress and create a new document NoName.pp4.
Create a text object anywhere.
Select the object and Group it.
Select the group and double click for group properties.
Select repeat properties and then Line Repeat.
Set Horizontal displacement to "=1/0".
An error box is displayed showing
Exception ERunError in module PPress.exe at 0027D9CA division by zero.
Click on ok.

So far its ok.
Now try and change the properties giving the divide by zero error.
Select the group, properties, repeat and click on horizontal displacement.
The error box should appear again.
Change the value to "=2/0".
Click ok.
I get no response from the ok and then after a few seconds ppress.exe crashes.

I have pp4 version on Windows 2000 SP4.
This issue is not causing me any problems. I have found other ways of doing what I wanted to do - its just a bug report.