Hello OL,

Whenever I right-click on Documents and select 'Sort by Name', a message box will pop up and ask me if I want to update the printers. I select yes and receive an error box that states:
Crash Dump - D:\Program Files\PlanetPress Suite 4\PlanetPress Watch\ppwatch2.cfg.pw4 - PlanetPress Watch Configuration - Exception occurred on 2004/10/01 2:11:50 PM

Error message: Access violation at address 04490CBC in module 'ppwcfg.exe'. Read of address 00000024

ExceptAddr:  04490CBC
hInstance:   04190000
VirtAddress: 002FFCBC

Line: 0

Call Stack:
[04490CBC]{ppwcfg.exe  }
[40005C67]{rtl60.bpl   } System.@HandleAnyException + $33
[044904F9]{ppwcfg.exe  }
[04490567]{ppwcfg.exe  }
[04290BAB]{ppwcfg.exe  }
[0448529D]{ppwcfg.exe  }
[400387D3]{rtl60.bpl   } Classes.TBasicAction.Execute + $F
[400FF60D]{vcl60.bpl   } Menus.TPopupList.MainWndProc + $1D
[4003945C]{rtl60.bpl   } Classes.TDataModule.WriteHeight + $20
[0449E834]{ppwcfg.exe  }
It's not really affecting what I'm doing, but wanted to report it as it has happened twice in a row whenever I have performed the same steps.

Ken Stulce
Manager of Application Development
Essex Industries, Inc.