Watch config can display inaccurate details of printer queues.

The config (the xml file) contains the windows queue names for any printer queues defined. On the general tab for a printer queue is a drop down list of the windows queues available with the current value for this queue selected.

If the windows queue named in the xml has not been installed for the user currently running ppwcfg, then the last queue that has been installed for this user is shown instead. This is very confusing, especially if this last installed queue is the one I really want.

For example, I have queue Printer1 which uses windows queue Server1/Printer2. I have forgotten to install this queue for my user, and config shows instead Server1/Printer1, the last queue that I did install. Now, if I hit cancel, my config uses Server1/Printer2, but if I hit OK, my config uses Server1/Printer1, but in either case shows Server1/Printer1.

I suggest that it ought to show the actual queue name contained in the xml, highlighted if it does not exist for the current server or user, along with the drop down list of valid queues.
I am using release