A PlanetPress form is a postscript program that runs inside of the printer. At that state, it is not possible to get the date.

However, since you mention that you have PlanetPress Watch then we can work something out. What you need to do is use the Set Job Info Plug-in in PlanetPress Watch.

%M = month as a string
%d = day as a number
%y = year

See SS below

You put that plug-in right before your form.

Then, in the form, you can use the 7 variable to show the date.

Example : show(&Watch.JobInfos[7])

Of course, at design time, PlanetPress Watch is not feeding the data to your form. So if you go to the document properties, job info tab, you can hardcode a value there so that you can see what it should look like on screen.