we have a process here that sends out PDF's to various external contractors. The job runs every 30 minutes. These are known as Works Orders and we can send anywhere upto 3-400 a day. They usually work no problem at all. However, just recently (since switching to PP5) we have had a few instances where they are not being sent out. I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks so today is the first day I have had a chance to look into it. The first thing I did was check the error log in PPImage. I found this error:

TIME: 2007/01/08 09:33:47
JOB: C:\Program Files\PlanetPress Suite 5\PlanetPress Image\In\jobBFB7FEF1.ps
INFO : Processing file C:\Program Files\PlanetPress Suite 5\PlanetPress Image\In\jobBFB7FEF1.ps
DEBUG: Reading job options from input file
DEBUG: Watch Process Name : Works Orders
INFO : Starting conversion...
INFO : Initializing Jaws
INFO : To: 258664,1.pdf
INFO : Ripping File...
INFO : Conversion successful
INFO : Sending Outlook email...
ERROR: I1020 : Could not log into MAPI session: TRwMapiSession.DoLogon failed!
A TimeOut has occurred while trying to logon.
INFO : Image Process succeded
Could anyone shed some light on the reason we could be recieving this error please? Oddly the Works Orders that run half an hour before the one above worked fine - as did the one that ran half an hour after.