1. On examination, it appears that some AR invoices are not in Fortis.
2. Further exploration of the Fortis system reveals the following:
a. AR Invoice import log displays lines which indicate that the file (tif) being requested for import cannot be found.
b. The network folder where the file(s) should be is accessible and the file(s) do not exist.
3. For some reason, unknown at this time, the tif file related to some of the invoices was not created by Planet Press at the time the invoice(s) were printed. The pdi (index) file, however, was created.
4. Testing indicated this problem is intermittent, i.e., does not involve all of the AR Invoices that were printed.
5. Testing indicated that this may involve only some invoices during the period of late October thru November. This should be further defined.
6. When a print job was submitted to the printer on Mon. 2/5, the 110 invoices were all printed and created, then imported into Fortis.
7. Futher, an additional 140 invoices which were already printed and created, were in queue to be imported and were in fact satisfactorily imported.