I have developed a new PPD for the Infoprint 2000 that adds additional functionality to what was available in both OL's and IBM's versions. (This is needed for a customer requirement.)

I had successfully tested the PPD under PlanetPress before installing it on my customer's system. The customer received the EStringListError 'List index out of bounds (-1)' error. I went back to my system and also received the error.

As a result of this, I upgraded my PlanetPress product last week to v5.3.1.2324, but still experience this error.

Is this problem in PlanetPress, or is it possible it's something I did? What exactly does this error mean? If I knew, I might be able to fix my PPD without relying on a new release of PlanetPress.

Thank you,
Bob Carlyle
Indigo Wolf Solutions, LLC
Charlotte, NC