Hello there,

I'm printing a very large job (11,000 or so on the list), and when double-sided printing comes into play that number is over 22,000.

Using PSM 5.2, printing to a Fiery Enabled Xerox 4110, it's a one page, double sided booklet fold.

The error I'm having during spooling. Being such a large job it takes quite a while to spool (even when using OPI), but around 15,000 I get this error:
Messagebox Title:Error:2012::EFPrnInf.cpp::GenerateRegistryPaths::RegOpenKey::HKEY_CURRENT_USER
Messagebox Dialog: RegOpenKey

With the only button given "okay".

When "okay" is click the spool count goes up one and the message comes back.

Any ideas?

Thank you,