We are having an issue in our shop with a perspective job for a photographer, who would need 4 unique images per sheet on a job that will entail hundreds of thousands of records.

We have been trying to work out a way to do what we need in print shop mail, but have been unable to figure it out.

I've written up a bit of pseudocode on what we would need...

------Declare recnum as integer, 0
--place 'recnum'.jpg, 'recnum'-a.jpg, 'recnum'-b.jpg, 'recnum'-c.jpg
Sorry for being so confusing. What we basically would need is a function that would have a variable that goes up in increments, and can place images in the document that match the variable name and count. So record 1 gets the photos named 1.jpg, 1-a.jpg, 1-b.jpg, and 1-c.jpg.

This way we can accept the photos from the client and print them on forms making sure that the correct photos go only to the correct recipients.

Thank you in advance for your help,