I did a test, with two layouts. On the first layout, I have a text box with the static text "LAYOUT 1", and a variable on the next line that returns the value of LAYOUT_NR. I have a second layout with static text "LAYOUT 2", and a second variable that also returns LAYOUT_NR. Layout 1 has the condition "IF(RECORD_NR()=1, Print, Skip)", while layout 2 has "IF(RECORD_NR()=2, Print, Skip)".

When I preview this, I get two pages, as expected. The first page is layout 1, and the second page is layout 2. However, on both pages, LAYOUT_NR returns 1. The static changed, so I know it picked the right layouts, but it seems LAYOUT_NR returned 1 in both cases, and I don't think that's the intended behavior.