I could use some help figuring out how to produce a ballot job we're working on.

I have a 100 page PDF with each page representing one voting location.

My data file has field for which location to print and how many copies to print for that location.

I also need to number the ballots from 1 to (number of copies) - and that's where I'm having troubles.

I am doing fine with getting the right PDF page to show using an expression for the PDF page number. I'm printing the right number of copies as well.

After the first record of ballots, the page numbering always prints page 1. I need some help understanding how to work with the page numbering, or possibly not use page numbering but use a new variable, set it to 1, increment it with each printed page, then reset it to 1 when the right number of pages has been printed (so I can start numbering the next location's ballots starting at number 1 again.)

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.