I am setting up a letter and want to use only one layout, and print or skip based on two parameters.

For example "If a donor gave over $50 and the solicitation code equals 12345, print otherwise skip." However I need for this to work (with a single layout) with more than one solicitation code. I.E. If a donor gave more than $50 and the solicitation code is 12345, 0123, or 44444, print, otherwise skip.

We have the letter set up with multiple layouts. The layout expression that we are currently using in each layout is:
IF(VAL ([Donation] ) >= 50.00, IF([Solicitation Code] = "12345", Print, Skip), Skip)

This becomes tedious when you have 30 or so solicitation codes and a layout for each.

Any help with an expression that would allow us to set this up with only one layout is greatly appreciated.