Originally posted by Uomo Del Ghiaccio:
I have a need to receive data coming in, but don't want it printed right away. I need to queue the files for manual release by an operator.

Currently when we pause a process it stops any data from being received. I need to continue receiving that data, but need to queue/hold it for a while.

I would like to have two different Active States (i.e. Active - Released and Active - Hold).

This is a very common request by my customers. In the past we have written VB Applications to handle the needs, but it would be nice if it was fully intregrated within PlanetPress Watch.
Have you thought about using two different processes?

One process to receive in the data and store it in a file, and a second that could be triggered by another method to start processing the files from the first.

If you have Watch 6, it sounds like you could even setup a small web-page with a single-button form to post to the Watch HTTP server to trigger the processing of the queued up data files.

Otherwise, you could possibly use an ASP.NET to trigger it via a telnet input (or pick your favorite scripting language that can communicate on TCP/IP sockets).
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