We have thought of this approach, but the scale is a little bit troublesome. There are currently approx. 180 processes that feed into a separate system that is providing queue control. This would put us at 360 processes.

It truth, we should be able to reduce some of the existing processes, and some may no longer be in use. Either way, we are looking at an extensive web page to build. Some of the queues would collect several thousand files approaching 10K. They currently have the ability to drag and drop, release select jobs, and delete files.

With a large number of files the response from reading file attributes from a directory structure is very slow, so we came up with the idea of collecting the information and putting it into a SQL DB. This speeds up the viewing greatly, but could create a polling nightmare.

The current metaphore is a listing of all the queues, which if clicked displays the contents of the queue with a bunch of file attributes. They can drag and drop between queues, pause/release queues, force some selected jobs to print even if the queue is paused, delete jobs, or pause selected jobs so they don't print if the queue is released.

The current Sun based queuing is very functional, but is no longer supported as of 2000. The hardware is at the latest version available, but to get spare parts, we have to search ebay for them.

All this being said, we are progressing with the thin client model as described, but haveing been holding on to a hope that Objectif Lune would release something simular.

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