Have just installed v7. Shows the credits on my dongle OK. But I am trying to get to grips with what happens when my OL-Care runs out end of July. Help info on that topic says;

The care date determines which PrintShop Mail version is licensed. Each PrintShop Mail version has an own release date, which is compared with your care date. If your care date is equal or newer than the release date, the application will run as licensed, otherwise the application will run in demo mode.
That conveys to me that if I don't renew OL-Care, then v7 will from that point deliver only 25 records per file. Is that correct confused

(If you wonder why I bother to ask, let me say that due to considerable issues with PSM 6 I used it on only one campaign in the last year - it was more productive to use either InDesign or XMPie even though I had to pay for that mad . I am hoping v7 will avoid the problems I had which, despite rebuttals, I suspect was something to do with running it on Vista. Hence my reluctance to renew until I can be sure it will work OK).

Regards, Kenny, Melbourne, Australia