In that case, your best bet is to study the available code and try to figure it out from the documentation I pointed you towards earlier. The only people who actually have any knowledge of the inner workings of PSMW and how to customize/extend it are the programmers who built it and the projects department.

It's also important to understand the difference between customizing a website (which means "skinning", changing colours and the layout, etc), which is easy, and extending/changing the features of the website, which requires a good knowledge of the code. I can't know what the reseller told you exactly, but I'm fairly certain he couldn't have told you that we support any part of the customization itself.

If anyone else has experience here in the forums and wants to help you, that's fine, but OL personnel probably won't be of any assistance in this matter. Neither the support department nor the training department have received any sort of training (the irony is not lost on this) about anything more than administering PSMW and using it.