Dear Support,

We have a EnvelopeNow (EN) client with the following EN configuration.

Machine – DI425 – Basic OMR

Fold – C Fold , Double fold.

File –

Identify – 1st Page.

Text somewhere on page – “contains = 1 of”(logic used in NBAD to detect 1st page)

2 Sided Printing – Long edge.

Mark – Front.

While printing in duplex mode(we tried multiple printers including reverse printing ), the last page to be fed(“first page of doc”) comes first in sequence, if we load it to the DI425 machine it gives an error “Expected 1st sheet of set E85”.

In one sided printing the sequence is coming perfectly okay in all printers.


1 - Initially the job that puts Basic OMR marks for the DI425 inserter was running on a demo version of EnvelopeNOW (EN) version, on a WinXP machine for testing purposes and the output was as expected.

2 - The newer version - of EN was installed on a Windows Server 2003 R2 machine, where the issue is occurring.

Please advise.

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