I have just started getting my head around PP Capture, I hope everyone kindly bears with me smile

We have a requirement where the client needs to print a stack of capture ready documents for each of their customers.

The documents are basically authorization slips. In a typical use case, the client carries out certain orders based on their customer's authorization. e.g. a signed document is sent by the client's customer to them, authorizing an action.

We would like to implement the above using PP Capture, where the client prints a number of copies of the authorization slips (capture ready) and sends the printed copies to the customer. Each of their customers will be provided with an Anoto pen. Each time the customer needs to send an authorization, they will fill in one of the capture ready slips that were sent to them by the Client, sign and dock the pen. The PGC will then be transferred to the Clients PP Production server where the rest of the processing will continue (email, archive, etc).

The above will be done for each of the client's customers.

My question is, how do I go about generating multiple copies of a capture ready document for the same client but with different Anoto pattern on each copy.

e.g. The same client number occurs on the authorization slip on each of the copies, but the patterns are different.

The input datafile is an xml file with each record corresponding to the details of each customer of the client. For each record say 100 authorization slips need to be printed and sent to the customer that corresponds to that record.

Does it even require unique Anoto pattern on each copy for the same customer slip?

I am sure that there would be some simple solution to this, but I am lost as I am not proficient with PP Capture yet smile

Any pointers will be very helpful.

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