PrintShop Mail doesn't recognize HTML tags, but it does recognize RTF tags. You could try replacing the HTML tags with the corresponding RTF tags; this should allow you to dynamically change the font based on an expression.

Try the following expression as an example:

"{\rtf1 " & "NORMAL" & "\par\b " & "BOLD" & "\par\b0\ul " & "UNDERLINED" & "\par\ul0 NORMAL" & "}"



Some things to note:

- The result of the expression must start with "{\rtf1" and end with "}", otherwise it will not be recognized as RTF
- "\par" is the RTF token for a hard return (new paragraph)
- "\b" turns bold style on, "\b0" turns it off again
- "\ul" turns underline style on, "\ul0" turns it off again
- There should be a space character separating any RTF tokens and regular text

This functionality is not documented, so you'll have to experiment a bit. It's pretty neat though, you can also dynamically change the text color or font size, for example.