Got a question about how to perform a license transfer:
We have two Planetpress licenses, one we use for our production environment (License A) and one we use for our testing environment (License B). When we purchased License B late last year, we created a copy of our production environment and used that copy as our testing environment. Our 3rd party vendor came in and loaded all the new License B serial#'s and it was a smooth transition. Well, we want to refresh that copy of our test environment without the help of vendor.
Essentially we are wanting to do exactly what we did late last year when vendor came in except it will be an overwrite. Instead of having new serial numbers in hand like tech had, I think we will fill out two License Transfer Agreements, one for License A, recording magic#/serial# and one for License B recording magic#/serial# under "Current License Information". Then when the copy is made, we will open up Planetpress in each environment (which I would assume would be expired) and record magic#’s and put it under the "New License Information" on the License Transfer Agreement. We'll submit the agreement and get our new activation codes for both versions.
My main question is when we overwrite the testing environment with the production environment, will the serial numbers from production (License A) copy over?.. or will we have an opportunity to manually enter our existing License B serial numbers (which were overwritten)?

Always get a little nervous when doing things like this because of the software expiration.