Hi All

We have a requirement where one capture form needs to be inked with 2 different Anoto pens as per the requirements of the business process.

I was thinking of something like below :-

1 - Capture ready doc - Document A is printed through PP Production.
2 - Person A uses Pen A to write on the document A.
3 - Document A is passed onto person B, who writes on the document with his Pen B.
4 - Person B docks the pen.
5 - PP Production produces the inked document IA with the inks from both Pen A and pen B.

Is this achievable through PP Capture?, maybe the above process will need some modification?.

Basically the goal is to have inks from 2 different pens on the same form where any one of the pens when docked would produce a document with writings from both the pens.

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