Just some remarks:

- Person A will have to dock his/her pen also.

- Both pens will have to be registered in the PlanetPress Capture Pen License.

- I would suggest that both Capture fields in the document be defined as 'Mandatory' so that the document can only be closed if pen marks are present on both fields. As a corollary, the Workflow Process capturing and processing pen data should contain a 'Get Capture Document' plug-in set to 'Get closed documents only'. This would mean that when the first person (A or B) docks his pen, nothing will come out of the process since the document will still be open. Only when the second person (A or B) docks his pen will the process actually retrieve the closed document (with both signatures) for further processing.

- Of course, you should make sure that capture fields in the document are far enough from one another so that person A has no chance of accidentaly writing on the capture field where Person B should sign, and vice versa.

Hope this helps!