you might already know about this but I'll post it anyway:

One basic approach I have seen to handle data for closed documents is to set the Capture Fields Processor plug-in's on-Error behavior to transfer the data to an error management process which can then create a PDF with the pen marks and send it to an administrator for instance.

Your PGC Error Management Process could thus look like this:

1. InputErrorBin
2. Run Script
3. Send to Folder

Where the Run Script plug-in uses the PlanetPress Capture API to create a PDF with only the pen marks (i.e. those written on a pattern with no corresponding open document). Here is the code (using VB):

Option explicit
Dim cc, oCap, oPS

Set oCap = CreateObject("CaptureLib.Capture")
oCap.Connect "",0,"PPCapture Default Connection","",""

set OPS = oCap.PenStore
Set CC = CreateObject("CaptureLib.PGCUtility")
cc.LoadFromFile watch.GetJobFileName

CC.SaveAsPDF watch.GetJobFileName, oPS

Disclaimer: The above code is provided as is without any guarantee.

Hope this helps