I have more than one "process pgc" capture process that kick off when the anoto pen is docked. The Anoto pen director is configured to write the pgc file from the pen to folder when it is docked.

Each one of the process corresponds to different applications and does different things than the other. e.g. one sends out an email with a signed PDF and the other does not. Only one pen is being used to write on capture ready documents corresponding to each of these different capture applications. The "process pgc" process for each of these applications captures PGC from different folders and not a common one.

Currently what I am doing is, when I have to use a particular capture pgc process I go to anoto pen director and change the folder path to the folder location where this process is set do folder capture from.

I would like eliminate this manual process of changing the folder location everytime I need to use a different capture PGC process. Is there any method to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!
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