I have this job that we will be doing twice a week and the person receiving/cleaning up the data does not want to add new variable fields every time we do this unless we absolutely have too. Now I'll try to explain what I am doing:
First, it is swapping between 2 pdfs, "M" and "P" where it's basically the same letter but one has Policy Number: on the front and the other one has Policy Numbers: on the back. The problem is letter "M" needs multiple policy numbers and "P" only needs one, but P has data listed in every policy field(1-6), then there is another field called "conversion" and it goes from conversion1-conversion6, but only one of the conversions has a "Y" for yes to be used with the matching policy number. I have the one with multiple numbers mapped right but when its time to switch letters to the one that only needs one policy number I can't seem to figure out a way to make it say: If conversion3="Y" then use policynumber3 but only for pdf "P" or else blank. Can you make expressions to change font color to white? It keeps putting the policy number on the front for the one that only needs it on the back. I think I might need multiple policy fields and it would solve that problem easy but like I said they don't want to do that work. Is there a way to make the expression say if using letter "M" only print here but while using letter "P" only print here everything else leave blank? I think my expressions are over lapping or something. Hopefully someone can help me with this and its not too confusing. I'm fairly new at this so if its an easy solution i'm sorry, the help isnt helping me here.