Hi Raphaƫl,

Well, maybe I am not as smart as hoped to be... I tried using the code bits you gave me (Thanks!!) and kept getting "Number Expected" at the " and " part of the code.

In my attempt to debug that error, when I removed that, the same error just moved to a new place. My suspicions are that it is in the way I tried to used what you were kind enough to give me.

I tried just pasting (either) line of code in place of the variables "First" "Spouse" etc.

That showed me a pretty line of code, so I guessed maybe I needed to create a variable. Tried all kinds of goofy things even added a column called variable in my Excel file - so I could have the data field show, then attempt to edit under "Variables"

I guess I need a little more help if you can point me in the right direction please.