I am using EnvelopeNOW to add basic OMR marks to a 2500 page job. The original job is in a PDF file. After watching your online tutorials I am printing this PDF to the "EnvelopeNow Printer" and selecting this (EnvelopeNow Printer) as the "Job File". I am trying to use a PDF print driver as the "Assigned Printer". This would allow me to print a PDF version of the finished product with OMR marks. I could then print to our local printer as needed.

Here's the problem - Somehow printing the job to a PDF print driver takes FOREVER. The original job file is only a 10 MB PDF...but when I attempt to add OMR marks and print to a PDF it takes hours. After waiting 2 hours I pulled up the pending print job and the print queue indicates the total file size will be 1.53 GB!!!???

Why does printing the job to a PDF result in such an enormous file size / long print time?

I am using CutePDF as my pdf print driver.